Export, industrial packaging and freight transport from a single source

To ensure that your cargo reaches its destination safely ...

The appropriate packaging for each freight

The appropriate packaging for transporting or exporting individual items, transport or industrial goods is a basic requirement for safe transport and unharmed arrival.

Steel Export Packaging Service is your reliable partner when it comes to the correct packaging of your goods. We pack your cargo on site, in your company, at your manufacturer or supplier. A professional and punctual execution of the order is ensured with our experienced and professional staff. Your cargo is packed efficiently, according to demand and safely for transport.


In order to make the offer more attractive, the company cooperates with friendly companies in the packaging industry. In this way, special services can be offered in different locations.


Location Aschaffenburg

  • Headquarters/Headquarters
  • Management
  • 2000 m² production

Service point Straubing (cooperation)

  • Container handling centre inside and outside
  • Indoor (1,700 m2) and outdoor storage areas (1,000 m2), also heated on request
  • Forklift stake up to 8 t lifting force
  • Own fleet up to 28 t per truck
  • Modern communication and storage technology for efficient handling of your products
  • Total area 31,000 m2 (factory area 17,000 m2 / option area 14,000 m2 )

Service point Hamburg (cooperation)

  • 1,500 m2 of hall space
  • 1,000 m2 of open space
  • Lifting capacities up to 7.5 t (flexibly expandable)

Service point Dietzenbach (cooperation)

  • Container handling centre inside and outside
  • Inside (4,000 m2) also heated – and outdoor storage areas (2,000 m2) on request
  • Hall and outdoor crane up to 32 t load capacity, forklift up to 16 t lifting capacity
  • Own fleet up to 28 t per truck
  • Modern communication and storage technology for efficient handling of your products
  • Total area 38,000 m2 (factory area 27,500 m2 / option area 10,500 m2 )

Service point Hirschau (cooperation)

  • 1,200 m2 of hall space
  • 1,000 m2 of open space
  • Lifting capacities up to 7 t (flexibly expandable)
  • Hall crane 5 t

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Our service

What we do for you

We are your contact for the delivery of packaging material, the packaging of a freight, your products or a complete machine directly in your production halls. We take care of the processing and coordination of the various sub-suppliers for the timely dispatch of your cargo up to complete machine systems.

We are the ideal partner when it comes to packaging all kinds of goods. We provide professional services for the shipping-ready packaging of your cargo, what it is and where the cargo is to be delivered.

We work according to the packaging standards required by law in Germany. This also includes the professional packaging of dangerous goods.

Benefit from the expertise of our experienced employees. We are happy to assist you in the planning and packaging of equipment, machinery, industrial goods and other cargo, whether for export or transport.

Excellent customer service is a matter of honour for us. We offer you an individual planning of your project, the appropriate packaging, a professional handling and keep you up to date with regular updates.

Long-term partnership

We attach great importance to a reliable, clean, safe and flexible implementation of our service. We strive for long-term and fair cooperation with our business partners and therefore offer economically sensible solutions for your needs.

Continuity is of great importance to us. We achieve this in cooperation with our business partners by providing the same staff permanently for the work that is involved. This will make the collaboration with familiar faces more pleasant.

The S-E-S operates nationwide. Our packaging experts can work at your site on request. All technical equipment and prefabricated packaging elements are carried and used at the destination for the packaging of your cargo. This enables our customers to deliver with high time efficiency and flexibility and to reduce their own capital commitment for the purchase and maintenance of transport and packaging equipment.

Securing air cargo packaging according to the Aviation Safety Act

The S-E-S secures your air freight in accordance with the law and in accordance with the standards. In this way, we create the prerequisite for the shipment of air freight.

Special safety regulations apply to air freight. Only air cargo with the safety status “Safe SPX” may be transported by cargo only or post-only aircraft as well as by passenger aircraft.
Air freight only receives this status if it has been controlled by a regulated agent such as the S-E-S.

Our status as a “Regulated Agent” enables you to turn your air freight shipment directly with us into “SPX”. We also organize the so-called “sniffing”, a specific procedure for the investigation of air freight at the shipping airport for you. The costs and time saved will benefit you. We take care of packaging and processing for you and thus secure your supply chain.

Partner for global logistics concepts

Special features of international business relationships lead to special logistical problem areas. For this so-called global supply chain management, S-E-S is a competent partner to support all logistical matters.
From the offer phase to the execution of required assembly, packaging and transport tasks up to complete customs clearance during removal and import, we ensure efficient processes. The size of the cargo is of secondary importance.
We are happy to provide you with our expertise in the review of existing concepts. We assess the feasibility, quality, efficiency and cost of your concepts for you. This also applies to the examination and optimization of tender documents, credit terms or the implementation of legal regulations in the practice of your processes.
This allows our customers to reduce interfaces and reduce their own resources as well as production and storage areas.
We will be happy to measure your cargo to be packed on site and make you an offer.

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Your contacts

Stanislav Stahl

Managing director

+49 (0)176 30417518

Uwe Lührmann

Transport manager and logistics manager

+49 (0)157 383 089 51

Natalja Stahl

Backoffice Manager

+49 (0)176 554 987 00