Transport planning and processing

Transport processing is efficient and reliable. You benefit from the experience and network of S-E-S, which includes leading carriers, carriers, customs agents and handling companies. The S-E-S will be happy to handle the full processing for you, starting with the collection of your cargo from the specified location to the arrival of the packed cargo at its destination.

The S-E-S handles all logistical processes in the transport chain:

  • Planning of the necessary transports in compliance with contractual and country-specific requirements
  • Determination of the most favourable transport routes taking into account deadlines and risks
  • Support in the development of logistics concepts
  • Support in defining content in contract and shipping documents
  • Preparation of the necessary and correct shipping documents – also in accordance with the credit conditions
  • Communication of KPI’s according to your specifications, e.g. interface control
  • Inventory
  • Export papers (according to your specifications)

In this way, it is ensured with great care that your goods arrive at their destination on time and without prejudice.

Express service

Sometimes time is short. The express service includes the production of industrial packaging within 24 hours. A fleet ensures fast delivery (up to 28 tons).

Factory transport

The S-E-S handles freight traffic between different locations of your company for its own purposes with motor vehicles that, including trailers, have a tGG of more than 3.5 tons.
We transport your goods for the purpose of delivery to the company, its dispatch from the company, its shipment within or – for personal use – outside your company.

Factory and freight transport

Transport and forwarding in the EU

The S-E-S takes over the transport of your goods within the European Union. We accept the following orders:

  • Partial and complete loads in national and international freight transport
  • Container transports
  • Courier and express transport

Transport control

Various indicators and data loggers are used to check the condition of the inner packaging and the proper handling of the cargo at the receiving point.


Indicators enable easy quality assurance. Moisture, tipping and shock indicators of various sensitivity can be used to check the condition of the cargo packaging at the destination and to determine the influences of the consignment.

Data logger

With the help of data loggers, optimal quality assurance of your sensitive cargo is possible. The data loggers (transport data recorders) measure the transport, handling and storage conditions of your cargo seamlessly and non-manipulated from production to the shipping destination.

Data is collected using measurable influencing factors such as acceleration, vibration, temperature, humidity and air pressure, which can have an impact on cargo. Different types and versions of data loggers are used as required. These ensure an individual and cost-oriented use for the special logistical requirements.

To track cargo and protect against theft, the packaging can be equipped with one or more GPS trackers. In this way, the goods can be tracked around the clock.

Detectable data and load profiles that can be assetled from them are:

  • Packaging development and optimization
  • Selection of means of transport
  • Averted unauthorized claims in the event of damage
  • Affirmation of legitimate claims in the event of damage

Special and heavy transports

There is no size limit for the packaging of freight for the S-E-S. Appropriate equipment is available and can also be used on site on request.

Accompanying vehicles with special permits are required for the transport of this cargo on heavy goods vehicles with oversize. In our logistics center and also at your site, the goods are packed professionally with high tonnage and large dimensions. We are also happy to organize the transport for you.